The Digital Marketing Course

Register for our Digital Marketing Course today & leverage the power of online marketing to transform your business and your career. Learn Digital Marketing skills, including how to develop a holistic digital marketing strategy, incorporating customer insights, social media marketing and search (Google) ads.

Available Start Dates:

  1. May 24, 2021
  2. June 28, 2021
  3. July 26, 2021
  4. August 23, 2021
  5. September 20, 2021
  6. October 18, 2021
  7. November 22, 2021

Digital Marketing Course Info

22 Hours of Training
Online & Classroom Sessions
Individual 1:1 Sessions
Participant Workbook

Instructor Info

Tricia Dey Twomey, BA

Base Rate

$3,000 (+gst)

Digital Marketing Course
Training Location

Online & Classroom
#202, 10526 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB T5J 1Z7

5015 50 Ave #100a,
Camrose, AB T4V 3P7

Onsite Training Available



Digital Marketing Certificate

Objectives & Outcomes

Invest in your business’ growth and your career with this Digital Marketing Course. Learn how to: build an effective social media strategy, set up social listening and moderation, create social content, extend your reach, measure ROI, and more.


Module 1:  Social Media Marketing (5.5 Hours)

Social Media Marketing involves paid advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. 

Learn how to:

  1. Optimize your Social Media Profiles
  2. Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy & Promotional Plan
  3. Creating Advertising Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Twitter
  4. Optimizing Performance
  5. Analytics & Measuring Your Return on Investment

Module 2:  Social Media Content Marketing (5.5 Hours)

Learn to create Social Media content that reaches the right people, at the right time and via the right channels. Understand what works for you by tracking and measuring performance.


  1. Find Opportunities Using Trend & Keyword Research
  2. Build a Social Media posting calendar
  3. Creating and Curating Content
  4. Crafting better Social Media copy & creatives
  5. Automating Publishing Content
  6. ROI, Metrics and Performance

Module 3: Search Engine Marketing (5.5 Hours)

Grow your business with Google Ads by learning how to advertise via the Google Ads platform.


  1. Develop a plan to reach new and existing customers with Google Search Audiences
  2. Learn campaign structure
  3. Understand Google Ads Auction
  4. Deliver the Right Message with Text Ads
  5. Make Ads Relevant with Search Ad Extensions
  6. Increase Efficiency with Automated Bidding
  7. Reach Valued Customers with Search Audiences
  8. Boost Performance with Optimization Score
  9. Increase Conversions with Performance Planner
  10. Use Quality Scores to write compelling ads
  11. Use our weekly Google Ads Checklist for monitoring & improving performance.

Module 4:  Create a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy (5.5 Hours)
Create a framework to help you make good business decisions in an ever-changing digital marketing environment. The Digital Marketing Course will guide you through the steps to build your own marketing map covering:


  1. Know your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  2. Understand your customer & their path to purchase
  3. Complete a competitor analysis
  4. Set goals and plan for success
  5. Setting marketing objectives and measuring your progress toward them

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