With COVID-19 causing mass-disruption, it’s hard to know if that’s how it’s actually going to play out.  Here are our 5 Marketing Tips & Trends for Christmas 2020:
1. start early. 

Don’t put off developing your marketing strategy until it is too late.  The ideal time to start planning is August or September as Christmas will start to roll out as early as November!

2. physical shoppers are now online shoppers.   

“On average 85% of people globally are shopping online, averaging over 80% of Gen X (38-56)and Boomers (57-64).”

Ensure your online shopping experience feels as amazing as your in store shopping experience.  Consider creating a Holiday Gift Guide. The guide will make them feel like they are receiving the high touch customer service you deliver with an in store experience.  It will also provide plenty of promotional content for your social media channels.

3. collaborate.

Partner with other businesses who have similar target audiences to create engaging seasonal combinations. Think themed gift boxes tailored to unique audiences. Encourage shoppers to think ‘outside the big box’. Black Friday won’t look the way it has in past years which leaves great opportunity for small businesses to leverage their creativity and take some market share back. Looking for inspiration, take a look at Birchbox or CauseBox – while subscription boxes may not fit your business model, the collections they put together will  inspire you to create your own version.

4. self gifting will be a trend.

During trying times people seek to self soothe by “treating” themselves with affordable luxuries. As we lead up to the Christmas season you will find customers shopping for gifts for themselves.  While each shopper’s idea and price point for ‘affordable luxury’ will be different, 74% of them will likely be researching gifts for themselves during the holiday season.  Show gratitude to shoppers by making it ok for them to do so!

5. stay top of mind.

A stellar marketing strategy during the holidays will be to focus on gratitude. Host exclusive events / offers only available to your loyal tribe of customers. Send thank you emails or even better a thank you card, will remind your loyal customers to do their holiday shopping with you. It is not necessary to discount your prices, but instead provide exclusivity, early access and special ‘perks’ as loyalty rewards.


Stats via -- “Coronavirus Research April 2020” by Global Web Index.

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