One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is this:  It’s so hard to step out into the unknown NEXT when what you have is comfortable.  There is no guaranteed comfort in the next stage.  

Good may be comfortable, but what about Great?  

How do you get out of the Comfort Zone?

  1. Set your Vision:
    Without a clear vision, you may look up and find you are somewhere else.
  2. Establish the Priorities:
    What steps will you take to move your closer to your vision.
  3. Delegate:
    The most underrated competency in entrepreneurship.
  4. Inspect what you Expect:
    Once you delegate, hold people accountable.

Worksheet:  3 Steps to Define your Purpose and Vision

Video:  Brian Moran of The 12 Week Year:  “Take a look at the thinking that is leading you in the direction you want, also look at the thinking that is holding you back.”