Outdoor signage has two objectives – 1)  Catch People’s Attention & 2) Leave a Lasting Impression.  Effective signage should be focused on bringing customers into the store.
Consider the following when creating outdoor signage to promote your business:

ONE.  Get to the point

What is the one thing you really want them to know.  No one searches or takes time to find the message on an outdoor sign.

TWO.  Don’t get hung up on the small print.

This may not be the place to put your phone number or web address.   What is the one thing you want them to know.

THREE.  Consider your Customers Viewing Time Duration.

Are they walking by or driving by?  Are other signs distracting their attention?

FOUR. Text Formatting.

Use flat text and make the letters BIG! Use bold two-dimensional font with an outline.  The text on signage needs to be readable and legible in first glance.  Customers do not have the time to strain to try to make out unsuitable font.  Don’t use cursive/script fonts, extremely thin font weight, all uppercase copy, or small font.

FIVE. Clearly Define The Frame.

Customer’s eyes will be naturally drawn to content inside a frame. A clearly defined frame with graphics extended to the edges of the box is recommended.

SIX.  Imagery

Use imagery well (and only when you need it).  All imagery should be directly related to your product and relevant so that it will enhance your message & product. Avoid abstract concepts,  it’s not necessary to use images in your signage.  Clear copy and great typography can create equally effective results.
Need inspiration?  Visit the Outdoor Advertising Association’s Creative Library